About Managing Director

Khalid Rabbani

Managing Director

MSc Sustainable Design of Built Environment

Member ASHRAE Member NFPA

Mr. Khalid Rabbani holds MSc. Sustainable Design of Built Environment, as well as memberships from ASHRAE, NFPA and Energy Institution. He has started his career in 1994 as Assistant Engineer in the field of HVAC Design from FND Consulting Engineers, one of the leading consulting firms in Pakistan, and eventually left the firm after 8 years as Project Manager Mechanical.

Fahim Nanji & Desouza (Pvt.) Limited

During his tenure with FND, Mr. Rabbani has handled many projects of HVAC works ranging from Offices, Shopping Malls and Hotel, however the main focus of Mr. Rabbani has been the Pharmaceutical Industry which in HVAC design is considered a fairly challenging job by many. Pfizer Plant Upgrade, Parke Davis New GMP and many small works in Roche Pharmaceuticals were Mr. Rabbani's projects from FND.

Meinhardt Pakistan Private Limited

After spending 8 years in FND and reaching to Project Manager position, Mr. Rabbani joined Meinhardt Pakistan Pvt. Ltd and worked as Mechanical Team Lead for 2 years. Creek Vistas water supply and drainage design was one of the prominent works by Mr. Rabbani in Meinhardt.

Ian Banham & Associates

Mr. Rabbani joined Ian Banham & Associates in 2002, a consulting engineering firm in Dubai, and worked for 2 years in the firm reaching to level of Mechanical Team Leader. Here Mr. Rabbani carried out many high rise building's design of HVAC, Fire Protection and Plumbing works. In about 2 years time, Mr. Rabbani designed almost 12000 TR of air conditioning works including some high rise in JLT area and first DVD factory in Ras Al Khaima. Al Futtaim's new head office opposite to Deira City Center using underfloor air conditioning system was also designed during that period.

RTA - Roads & Transport Authority Dubai

While working for Ian Banham Associates, Mr. Rabbani was given the opportunity to join Rail Planning & Development Dept. at Roads and Transport Authority (Government of Dubai) in year 2005 to oversee the MEP design of Dubai Metro.

Also during his time in RTA, Mr. Rabbani dealt with EPC contractors, various suppliers and manufacturers of MEP systems, carried out factory inspections and gained valuable experience about the best mechanism to deliver a large scale MEP project. Dubai Metro was provided cooling from District Cooling plants, which provided a unique opportunity for Mr. Rabbani to witness the functioning of a district cooling company and how their solution is suitable for large scale urban development. During commissioning of system, rental chillers were also employed and Mr. Rabbani was heavily involved with contractual and technical issues associated with employment of rental chiller suppliers.

During his tenure in RTA, Mr. Rabbani reached to Chief Engineer MEP position and was MEP Team leader for Dubai Tram (completed in 2012) and Route 2020 which is still under construction.

Mr. Rabbani worked as MEP team member in the Rail Agency team and played an important role in ensuring the project was delivered on time.

Mr. Rabbani also worked in Green Building and Sustainable Development and has been involved in Green Committee of Rail Agency, RTA. The last project of Mr. Rabbani with RTA, Route 2020 was designed to achieve LEED Gold Certification for the 7 Metro stations using floor cooling and displacement ventilation.